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New issue has been published

JSEAM has published the new issue on September 30th, 2021. The issue includes 5 research articles which are given below:

Sadık Can Girgin, Cem Göksoy, Emine Daş, İbrahim Serkan Mısır

Seismic performance evaluation of a precast concrete structure with deformation-based limit criterions

Research Article

Muhammad Zulfakar, Ali Ihsan Karakas

Performance comparisons of triple friction pendulum bearings with different sliding surface properties

Research Article

Ahmet Can Altunışık, Volkan Kahya, Ali Yetişken

Experimental study on annular cylindrical tuned liquid dampers for vibration control under different excitation angles

Research Article

Erdi Gülbahçe, Mehmet Çelik

Fuzzy logic aided PPF controller design to active vibration control of a flexible beam

Research Article

Taha Yasin Altıok, Ali Demir

Seismic damage assessment of a historical masonry minaret considering soil-structure interaction

Research Article


Date: 30-09-2021

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