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New issue has been published

Table of Contents

M. Fethi Gullu, F. Saleh Mohammed. Investigating the reliability of shear strength equations in TS500 and ACI318-19

Onur Onat, Burak Yön. A novel inter-story drift limit proposal for TBEC2018 and fragility prognosis with TSC2007

Yuşa Uğur Çapa, Ali Ruzi Özuygur, Zekai Celep. A study on earthquake performances of reinforced concrete buildings with various number of stories

Baran Bozyiğit. Transfer matrix formulation for dynamic response of Timoshenko beams resting on two-parameter elastic foundation subjected to moving load

Abdelrazek E. Ebrahim, Omar M. Elmeligy, Salah E. El-Metwally, Mashhour A. Ghoneim, Hamed S. Askar. Refined strength prediction of concrete 2D bottle-shaped struts

Saeid Foroughi, S. Bahadir Yuksel. Effective flexural stiffness for reinforced concrete shear walls having confined boundary elements

Date: 30-06-2021

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